We are Whacked Out!


How Whacked Out Media came to be!

In 2011, Mango Mass Media acquired Whacked Out Media. This was a pioneering deal replicated three years later between Disney and Maker. This acquisition, by Mango Mass Media, brought together a content owner with a digital distribution platform. Since then Whacked Out Media (WOM) has amassed 600,000 hours of content that is being monetised through both advertised video on demand (AVoD) and subscription video on demand (SVoD.) More recently, high quality content has been attracting brands seeking marketable content. Whacked Out Media has also been able to generate return audiences in huge numbers, organically.

What Whacked Out Media is Today

Whacked Out Media is one of the largest YouTube Multi Channel Networks (MCN,) in Asia. Headquartered out of Singapore with offices in Hyderabad and Chennai, Whacked Out Media is an industry giant. Backed by a team of over 200 creative minds, WOM extensively manages creation, aggregation and distribution of content. We manage 1,200 channels, with 600,000 hours of content, that generated an impressive 685 million views during the month of October 2016 alone. In addition, our channels have garnered 9 million subscribers and 200 million followers on related social media sites. Whacked Out Media distributes content through both AVoD and SVoD platforms. Providing entertainment content on the internet, mobiles, films and television, Whacked Out Media has it all to its kitty. As an MCN, on YouTube, WOM’s primary genres include entertainment, music, kids, news and devotional content.

We manage the social media presence and profiles of over 200 celebrities, public figures and Talents. Whacked Out Media caters to more than just a digital presence. Focusing on reflecting the true personalities of our clients, WOM connects them to their audiences with ease and aplomb. Promotions are another skill Whacked Out Media has mastered! Having worked on myriad brands, films, products and campaigns, our experience is indeed vast and tailored to the customer’s unique need. Understanding the changing patterns and trends, WOM generates a unique strategy every single time for their clients. Whacked Out Media has developed interactive mobile applications and organises various activities through our mobile network operators. The core strength of Whacked Out Media, is in developing a strong brand presence through brilliant strategies and technology, by packaging and distributing maverick content. With an online audience of 200 Million + followers, across various social media platforms and 9 Million + subscribers, on YouTube for its various channels, Whacked Out Media has an experienced team that works exclusively for Audience Development and Engagement.

What we do

We at Whacked out know it is difficult to outdo awesomeness, but we work hard each day to get better. Stamping the world of media and entertainment with our wackiness is what we strive for.

Numbers so far

Where do we see ourselves

Bull’s eye is what we are aimed at, and it’s rare that we miss the shot. With a simple vision of giving nothing but the best to whatever we take up as a task is our everyday goal. Killing it each day with the sass of hard work is our motto.